Kampai Sushi Restaurant Review – Japanese Dining In North Phoenix

Kanpai Restaurant

Kampai for dinner last night.  One of my favorite sushi bars in the Phoenix area. It actually looks like a sushi bar you might find on a street corner in Kyoto…no frills but charming and to the point and NOT a Las Vegas night club like so many around town these days.  Having lived in LA where some of the best sushi joints downtown in little Tokyo live this place has it going on thanks to the expertise of Yuki and EJ and the crew that make it happen.  I come here with my dining companion often for our ‘sushi fix’ close to home. The line up for last night:

  • A little complimentary edamame to start
  • kanpachi (amber jack) sashimi with yuzukosho (a yuzu chili type paste) special sauce
  • Uni nigiri (sea urchin) on top of cubed yamaimo (mountain potato). Delicious and refreshing!
  • Sauteed shishito peppers perfectly seasoned
  • Ankimo (monk fish liver pate) home-made here and delicious seasoned with grated radish, minced green onions  and ponzu sauce.
  • Fresh ika (squid) and japanese cucumber spicy sunomono type salad that I have know idea what it’s called but the ika cut perfectly and just fabulous.
  • Tuna and Salmon nigiri fresh and simple palate cleansers

Washed it all down with some great cold sake and Asahi beer. Don’t forget to ask for the the “good” or “better” wasabi…not the powdered kind. Only about a buck more but worth it…don’t mix it in the soy sauce just place a dab on top the sushi or sashimi before lightly dipping in soy.

I would definitely recommend this place for some great sushi.  I haven’t had the chance to try much of the cooked food here since when I come I go straight to the sushi bar but my daughter raves about the vegetable tempura one of the few places–if not the only in town that actually uses lotus root which is her favorite.  Until next time…

Kampai Sushi
2945 E Bell Rd, Ste 102
Phoenix, AZ 85032
(602) 482-3260