About A Foodie

AFoodie.com is a food blog and review site written through the perspective of a TRUE Foodie.  You will find a diary of food, dining experiences, recipes, restaurant reviews, farmer’s market overviews, food news and just about everything and anything that revolves around the process of preparing, living and eating food.

Based out of Scottsdale / Phoenix, Arizona AFoodie.com provides a food perspective from eating-in with family friends to eating-out around town or from our travels around the globe.

What is A Foodie?  Someone who ‘Lives to Eat‘, won’t settle for mediocre dining experiences, always searching for the ultimate experience of everything that encompasses a meal–atmosphere, presentation, authenticity, aroma, taste, texture– and loves food…really loves food…Good food.

Imagine a beautiful Sunday afternoon the sun is shining, there’s a  slight breeze it’s about 80 degrees and you’re surrounded with olive trees.  You can hear the sound of birds singing in the distance.  You’re sitting in a comfortable chair holding a glass of a great red wine.  In front you is an olive wood platter and on it sits a nice piece of roquefort that’s been sitting at room temperature since the morning, a handful of marcona almonds recently seasoned with Fleur-de-Sel and a couple of pinches of freshly ground pepper, a crusty baguette fresh out of the oven, and a few Medjool dates sliced into long slivers.  This beautiful platter is garnished with a long sprig of fresh rosemary just picked from the garden.

Now imagine breaking a piece of the baguette with your hands buttering it with the roquefort.  Next a sliver or two of the Medjool dates and finally topped with a marcona almond.  As you bring it up to your mouth you smell the aroma of the sharpness of the cheese so perfectly ripe and the sweetness of the dates you immediately take a bite and enjoy the the crunch of the baguette and the nuttiness of the almonds intermingling with the velvety softness of the cheese and sweetness of the date.  As these flavors marry in your mouth you take a nice sip of your red wine and swoosh it all around in your mouth…. the taste is ‘Perfection’Welcome to AFoodie.com…

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